Who says Monday’s are bad?

imageToday my person took me outside when we woke up this morning.  We came inside and she fed me right away, next thing I know she is in the bathroom and the blow dryer is going.  I take small bites of food and frantically run into the bathroom to watch her while I eat.  I am never really sure what is going to come next.  Will we go in the car?  Will we go for a walk?  Will we stay inside and I get to snuggle with her all day?

Today is the day she goes and leaves me for a while but I always get a treat just before she leaves.

image I spend the day lounging and upon my person’s return we go out to visit my favourite little person, Noah.  We are partners in crime, chasing each other, unrolling toilet paper and he likes to dump water and  I lick it off the floor while he laughs.  He is the best little buddy ever!




imageAfter we leave and go home my person plays my favourite game with me.  As I bring my baby to her and nudge it closer, she finally picks it up and throws it.  I run and bring it back and I repeat the nudging several times until finally she throws it many times and I am no longer interested.  I take a drink and lay on the floor.image

Who says Monday’s are bad?

~Duncan the Pug




About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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