imageMy person stood for a very long time in the kitchen, moving around, mixing, making noise, running water, and my nose was going wild.  I found myself sitting at her feet and waiting for a long time for any chance that something may fall.  There was nothing that fell today but my person gave me a piece of something that I didn’t even have time to chew.  What I did know is I wanted more.  I was on high alert, ears perked, eyes wide open, and I sat very still waiting, waiting, waiting for something more.

Then it was time, my person was walking with something in her hand that smelled of the more I wanted.  I quickly ran onto the couch and jumped up and ran and tried my hardest to get the attention of her so she would know I wanted some more.  She shooed me out of the way, sat down and didn’t even look at me.  I couldn’t believe it, but it was going to take some real work to get her to see me and know I was waiting.

I sat for a while and placed my head on her lap, but that did not seem to work.  I tried to step on her lap but again with the shooing.  Hmmm, what was next?  I had it, I would wait and give her the best I had.

imageSo here it went, I started with the best, over my shoulder look.  It is a cute one, my person will smile, laugh and sometimes give me a treat so I thought for sure this was a winner.  I gave it my best head throw back like nobody’s business.  Looked kind of to the side and gave that best flirty little look ever.  I waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing.  Hmmm, this was going to be tougher than I thought.

imageNext thing I know, she was setting that best smelling thing down on the table.  That was the break I needed, her lap was free.  Yes, I was going to get it this time.   So here it went, I ever so slowly stepped on her ,in case I go the shoo again.  But nothing, so I stepped again, and then finished quickly so she could not see what was coming.  I laid my head down on her and looked at her with my best ” I love you ” eyes ever.

imageShe looked at me, and looked  away, I was shocked, it was a good look.  I leaned back and looked at her with my “what was that?” face.  Again she did not even touch me.

imageThis was gonna take something more,  but what?  I had it, I decided I would do something crazy, like she would never imagine would happen.  I left her lap, jumped off the  couch, ran under the kitchen table, ran back, jumped back onto the couch and jumped on her lap and gave her that one thing I always take from her and never ever ever give back.  Yup, it was my sock!  My wet, chewed up, sock that she gave up on chasing me for.  I was giving it to her in exchange for that yummy, stuff I did not even have the privilege to taste.  What happened next was amazing, she looked at me, and looked away.  She did not even try to take it or even make me get off.  Wow, this was a tough day.

imageSo finally I chose to do the only thing I had left, sneak.  Yup, it came down to pretending I was not interested, I laid my head down, stayed very still and slowly, very slowly in a timely manner, I crept my head closer, closer, closer and then my nose was there!  I was so excited, my mouth watered, my nose twitched with delight, and then the most crazy thing happened.  She picked it up and took it away.  I frantically searched the table for a remnant, a scrap, a drip, but sadly there was none.image

But fear none, you win some, you lose some.  I will be on the lookout like a pug who has never seen a treat before.

My mission in life is to eat, sleep, drink, get petted, play fetch when I want, and do anything I can, to show how cute I am, to get any of the above.

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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