The Adventures of Duncan the Pug~ my favourite walking place

imageToday my person awoke to take me out, I assumed it was a normal day when she would be busy getting ready to leave.  Instead, she came back in and laid back down with me.  She rubbed my belly, petted me, and I fell asleep with her arms around me.  We stayed in bed for a long time.  When we got up, we went out in the car, and after some time we went to that place with the outdoor speaker.  My person always hushes me there while she says something to that speaker.  I don’t understand why, she knows I am requesting my favourite snack.  She pulls ahead and I am out of control, my nose is going, my ears are perked and she is pushing me back onto my seat.  All I want is to climb to her window so I can show how cute I am, and get my round little yummy goodness they always give me.  Finally the person in the window passes some things to my person, my person says something and there it is, that yummy little round bit of goodness.  I eat it like I have never had one before.

imageWe drive again and I  cannot believe it, my person is turning into my favourite place.  I know what is coming next and I start to jump with excitement.  Again with my person pushing me onto my seat saying “wait”.  Boy it is hard to be so patient when all she does is dangle all of these things in front of me.  Does she not know I have no patience or tolerance for such nonsense of waiting.  I am a dog on a mission, mission dogs get things done now, not later.  I am going to have to find a way to make her understand such things.  But for now, I try to be good, since I know we are getting out of the car.  And there it is, my favourite place to walk.

image We come here quite often, it is quiet, not cars to speak of, and lots of things I enjoy.  We start on out way and my person always lets my leash have the slack I need to run around free as I can.  So my adventure begins of sniffing, and sniffing to see what I can discover today.image  Every tree is like a smorgasbord of fresh smells.  Not one tree is the same and my nose loves it.  My person lets me stop at almost every tree here, and I frequently cock my leg in an effort to squeeze out any drop of pee I may have regardless if I need to or not.  During our walk today I stop and get to say hi to an elderly couple.  Meeting people is fun and they always think I am cute, especially if I sit and do the head tilt, cute eye look at them.  Today the man said “look at his cute little curled up tail” .  The wife just “awed” and my cuteness mission was complete.  It’s times like that which make me feel so great.  And to think I am the cause of such happiness for others, especially my person who usually says nice things about me to strangers when they stop for a hello or a pat.  imageOn our way back out, we saw a groundhog and he was kind enough to pose for a photo.  When I saw him, I wanted to run and play, but my person locked my leash and said, “no, this is his home”.  We kept going and the groundhog did not even move once.



imageWe arrived home and I ate a bit and settled at my persons feet while she sat at the table.  Today is a great day.

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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