The Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ a sleepover

imageOn Saturday afternoon, my person spent some time with me, driving in the car, and going to my favourite walking place.  I rested at home for awhile and then she hurried around the house getting a bag packed.  Next was my bag, toys, dog bones, bag of treats and ziplock bags of food.  Yes, we were going on a trip. I began to jump around and excitedly carry my baby bear and toss him in the air in anticipation of what was to come.  My person did the ritual “pee before leaving”, and I knew what was next.  I followed her to the door.  She carried my bag and placed in beside the door where my leash hung.  Next, she grabbed her bag and carried it to the door as well.  The door was open, and she turned to look at me, I was so excited I was by the door in a flash. The next thing  I know, she snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor, I sat obediently, waiting for the leash to go on.  But, what happened next was confusing, she handed me a treat, which I ate clearly out of habit.  One does not pass up a treat opportunity, regardless of the situation.   But that door closed quickly behind her before I had a chance to argue such actions.  Some time passed and I heard the door open, I was immediately excited to know my person came back for me.  Who came from behind that door was a surprise, it was my “sissy”.  Not to be mistaken with a canine female from the same litter, my sissy is the daughter of my person, and she refers to me as ” a brother from another litter”.  I love her as much as I love my person and my little people who belong to her.  She showers me with love and attention whenever she sees me, and I eat it up.  I wagged my rear end like it was Christmas morning.  She put on my leash, grabbed my bag and we were out the door and in her car before my tail could stop wagging.  We drove and as soon as we turned the corner I immediately got excited, we were going to their place.  I love to run up and down the hallway with Noah, my favourite little man as Brianna, will slam her bedroom door in an effort to keep Noah and I away from her Monster High dolls and loose socks.  My partner in crime, and I kept busy running while my sissy made supper.  I begged at the table and the evening rituals began shortly thereafter.  Once my little man was tucked into bed, my sissy cuddled me and gave me the love I deserved.image  My brother in law is very OCD about taking me out in an effort to avoid the accidents he thinks I still have.  I love hanging out on the back of the couch while my sissy and her husband relax.  My sissy texts this picture to my person with the following statement,” Mom, I told you Duncan was a freak. Here is proof. He has a hair fetish. He needs to seek mental help”.  My sissy likes to tease my person and I  know when it is bedtime I get to sleep in the big bed between them, and my life is happiness even though I miss my person.  I am taken home the next morning after breakfast, and I don’t fight it, I am quite happy to have a rest.  I am tired from a day of running with my little partner in crime and I lay down and sleep.  Before long the door opens and in walks my person.  Oh I jump up with joy, I stretch out my front paws and lengthen out my back to wake from my nap, and wag my tail as my person drops everything to pat and love me and tell me how she missed me.  I love my person and am always glad when she return, particularly when she has been gone for an overnight stay.

imageOnce in the door, after my love and kisses have occured my person quickly finds something that occurred as I tried to look out the window.  Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for her to understand that object clearly needs to be moved in an effort to serve my purpose of keeping a close eye on the area around my home, and hers.  My person stands it up and moves on, hmm, perhaps later that will get done. image image She quickly grabs my leash and out the door we go, I pee and in the car.  We go for a country drive as a reward I am sure for my best behaviour during her away time and also to have the much needed time and attention which is required for both of us.

 My person and I are a team, there is a whole lot of giving going on, and our tanks are getting full of the love we need.

Pug Life is Grand

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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