Adventures of Duncan the Pug – An evening swim

imageI have been spending this past week with my two favourite little people.  My man Noah, and my Princess Brianna.  One evening after supper, my person took my two buddies and I for an evening out.  We started by going in the car, I was immediately excited, I love the car.  It is usually enough for me to get wound up.  I seriously could just get in the car and be happy with that.  But tonight, my person buckled my little guy and my sweet girl in the backseat and I jumped and barked like a mad dog with anticipation.  We left and my person kept her hand on the stick shift in an effort to keep me off her lap.  I was so over joyed I just wanted to sit on her lap and lick her whole face.  We drove for only a short while but when that blinker went on and she slowed down I knew we were almost there.  I started barking wildly with the hopes that we were in fact stopping soon.  And just as I had hoped we did.

imageOnce we got organized and out of the car, we headed for the water.  I jumped in right away and jumped through the water attempting to bite the waves.  Brianna started yelling  ” water wars!” and spraying me with the water gun.  My person said, “get her Duncan!” and I was off, attempting to chase her and swim after her.  She was however too far, so I gave up and turned around.  My person laughed and I was having the time of my life.

imageimageNext thing I know my little fella was on the beach digging up stuff and placing it in a bucket.  Wow, could it be food.  He always has little bits of goodies which fall so I must investigate further.  Sure enough the bucket was full, smelled like something which could be eaten.  I took a bite, hmmm, kinda gritty, oh well may as well try again.  Then there was the “no” from my person.  Guess it was not something I should be eating after all.

image We finished up on the beach and headed up to a thing the children played on.  My princess ran off to do her own thing, and my person stayed close to my little man.  He climbed, slid, smiled, laughed, and said “hi Nana” and “hi Duncan”.

imageHis happiness and my favourite girl’s happiness fills me up with joy.  We left after a little while and my person got everyone and everything back into the car.  I jumped in the front happy as can be.  We headed back and I slept sound that night.


There is nothing like an evening swim

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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