Adventures of Duncan the Pug~ a Drive Thru story


So off we went in the car. My person always fastens me in the seatbelt to keep me and others safe in the car. “Safety First” she always says. Anyway, as I was saying, off we went and as always, we stop at that place where the speaker people live. All I know is their mission is to give out food. And seeing as my mission is to eat, couldn’t be better. We arrive at that place and my ears, eyes and nose are on high alert. I start yapping, and by that I mean that high pitched, ear piercing, got a leg caught in a trap kinda yap. She is annoyed as always but man, doesn’t she understand you can’t bring a Pug like me to a place like this and expect good behaviour. It’s like bring a recovery junkie to a crack house! So, we advance thru and I watch in desperation to see what is coming my way.

Things are passed out, we drive away and I wait. In fact I wait and wait and wait. I can say it felt like an eternity,so finally in an effort of recollecting I sit and then lay down. I have done this in the past and hoped it would work again.

20130803-145922.jpg. Lucky is what I am today. I am a pirate who clearly has got the bounty.


And that is my drive thru story. Nothing more is needed

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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