Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ typical day for me

imageToday my person slept in, and since we are away from our normal daily place, our morning ritual is not the same.  We first got out of bed and she let me out, attached the leash which stays outside, and shut the door behind me.  What was this? She wasn’t coming out.  Well I looked at her, and she avoided my eyes.  So I scratched on the door for a quick moment, and looked again, no response. So, I scratched again, a little faster and longer, again nothing.  Finally she walked away, I scratched like it was nobody’s business.  It felt like my legs had run a marathon but she still did not return.  What the?  So here it went,I barked my head off, I even howled a few times.  I cannot remember how long that lasted cause I am sure I blacked out, but someone  came then, and it wasn’t my person.  They stayed outside with me, I peed quick and was back up the stairs.  I knew, even in my state of stubborness, that I needed to pee to get back in.  Up the stairs, in the house, down the hall, and in the bathroom.  imageShe was there drying her hair.  We know what  comes next, I had to eat, because I did not know where or what was coming next.  Then she was done, I had enough to eat that I could handle, and she was in my sight, they started to move about quickly.  It was on the cusp of changing, I could feel the energy, the eye contact was gone.  And then I heard the dreaded treat bag crumple, without any self control I was on my bum on the floor waiting as my nose twitched involuntarily.  The door opened, I gently took that treat, she turned around and was out the door before I  could chew and swallow.  I let out a bark or two, heard the car and that was that.  image TIme passed as it always does, and the door opened, I ran to where she left me, pushed past whoever was in my way and jumped up at my person’s legs.  She walked past me, again without the eye  contact and placed some items down.  It was a bit before she sat but when she did I was there with my stuffy.  I was not leaving her side and finally, I settled into my favourite spot.  imageWatching the traffic go by, and giving a warning bark when needed, the back on the couch is a great place to be. Occasionally, I fall asleep there behind my best friend, cozied up.  And if she gets up to go into any other place  in the house, I will find her.  imageShe used to get annoyed with my attempts to be close all the time, but lately, she just laughs and shakes her head. Another one of my purposes is to be near my person as often as possible.  I love laying beside her and having her pat my side or belly.  She feeds me, walks me, plays with me,loves me.  She fills every need I have.  And in return, I am hers, unconditionally until the end of time.



can a typical day get any better?

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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