Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ a playdate

20130808-215239.jpgOn this Sunday past, my person brought me once again in the car. I was so pumped, I love the car, but today we drove a little longer than going to my favourite little people’s house. As soon as we turned that corner by the playground, I thought it looked familliar, my tail wagged a little and I sat up really tall, even jumping up to look out the window. Sure enough, we turned into that driveway with the tall bushes and I knew. My tail was going a mile a minute, I was yapping with excitement and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. We were out in a minute, and I ran to see my long lost freind. Actually she is my cousin. My person has a sister, my aunt, and she has two dogs and two cats. Her two dogs are named Howie, he is the older one and does not like me very much. Auntie says he is set in his ways. He likes to hang with his master, my uncle Jamie. image Sadie or Sadie Girl as they like to call her is my aunt Tab’s dog. She is spoiled and about as old as I am. Howie is a Jacket River Retriever, my uncle likes to say, because that is where they got him. Sadie is cute little mini Dachshund, we run and play and have fun together.

imageWhen I am at their place, I get to run free off my lead. Of course there are times I don’t listen and my person puts me on the deck or on my lead again until I remember what to do.

imageTab and Jamie have two cats, a bigger one, who does not like me at all, and Louie a newer little kitty. He is cute, but hissed at me too and showed his claws. I think I am too excited for kitties. My aunt and uncle have two girls, Shelby and Megan. I see Megan more than Shelby, and Megan is the Dr. Doolittle of the family. She loves me, and all the pets, and actually keeps bringing more pets home with her. She was made for animal rescues. She calls me “Duncaroni” and I love it!

As for the kitties not liking me, well I am a dogs dog anyway. You know just one of the dogs. I like dog games, and doing dog things and honestly I don’t think the kitties can handle a dog like me. Also I am a people’s dog, I love attention from any and all, but especially the pople who love me.

We played all day, and eventually I came home with my person. I was pooped out, drank alot of water and fell asleep. I dont get to see Sadie all the time, but when I do I make the best out of our time together. She and Howie are my oldest Dog freinds. I have known them since my person first got me. I love them like they are from my own litter.

Playdates are fun!

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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