Rules, rules, rules

imageIt seemed like a typical Monday evening.  My person came home from being away all day.  Supper was prepared, I sat under her feet while she ate,  and then ate my food when it was clear she was giving me none.  She then went to sit on the couch and do her usual stuff there, watch tv, check out her favourite sites.  My job and main focus became jumping on her, rolling over for belly rubs, growling and nipping at fingers in play  and basically getting any attention I could muster up.

Once I got my fill, I then found some toys.  First I found my long duck, I jumped and played with that, then I found my bone.  Oh my delicious, chewed up bone.  My person had bought me a new basket to keep my toys in, and I have three old bones in there.  A round one, a long one which is rectangular shaped and a long cylinder one.  I go between all three bones.  I will chew on one and sometimes hide it before going to choose another.  Then I will walk around the room, sniffing all around in an attempt to find where I hid it.  I then follow up with the “digging up” of it.

imageThis game playing seems so simple, however my people have this rule about toys on the furniture.  Well, really only the couch that my lady person sits on.  They chase me off it, or take my toys/bones and place them on the floor as a prompt.  Sometimes, I sneak back on the couch, and lay at the end in attempt to not be seen.  This does not work with my people.  They see everything.

Rules, rules, rules, are interferring with my ability to have creativity.

As for now, I will deal with it, but show my disapproval by moving slowly or pretending to not understand what they wish of me.  Taking my time to get down off the couch or even waiting until, they tug at my collar to get me down.  Sometimes I give in and go to my bed, other times, the floor works out just fine.  I would never let them know that it works.  Heck, I’m a Pug who wants his way, its what I do.


Happy Monday Y’all

~Duncan the Pug


About duncanthepug2012

A pug with a zest for life. Perspective from my view.
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