Adventures of Duncan the Pug – An evening swim

imageI have been spending this past week with my two favourite little people.  My man Noah, and my Princess Brianna.  One evening after supper, my person took my two buddies and I for an evening out.  We started by going in the car, I was immediately excited, I love the car.  It is usually enough for me to get wound up.  I seriously could just get in the car and be happy with that.  But tonight, my person buckled my little guy and my sweet girl in the backseat and I jumped and barked like a mad dog with anticipation.  We left and my person kept her hand on the stick shift in an effort to keep me off her lap.  I was so over joyed I just wanted to sit on her lap and lick her whole face.  We drove for only a short while but when that blinker went on and she slowed down I knew we were almost there.  I started barking wildly with the hopes that we were in fact stopping soon.  And just as I had hoped we did.

imageOnce we got organized and out of the car, we headed for the water.  I jumped in right away and jumped through the water attempting to bite the waves.  Brianna started yelling  ” water wars!” and spraying me with the water gun.  My person said, “get her Duncan!” and I was off, attempting to chase her and swim after her.  She was however too far, so I gave up and turned around.  My person laughed and I was having the time of my life.

imageimageNext thing I know my little fella was on the beach digging up stuff and placing it in a bucket.  Wow, could it be food.  He always has little bits of goodies which fall so I must investigate further.  Sure enough the bucket was full, smelled like something which could be eaten.  I took a bite, hmmm, kinda gritty, oh well may as well try again.  Then there was the “no” from my person.  Guess it was not something I should be eating after all.

image We finished up on the beach and headed up to a thing the children played on.  My princess ran off to do her own thing, and my person stayed close to my little man.  He climbed, slid, smiled, laughed, and said “hi Nana” and “hi Duncan”.

imageHis happiness and my favourite girl’s happiness fills me up with joy.  We left after a little while and my person got everyone and everything back into the car.  I jumped in the front happy as can be.  We headed back and I slept sound that night.


There is nothing like an evening swim

~Duncan the Pug

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Lazy Dog Days of Summer

Lazy Dog Days of Summer

My person has been with me and not able to go and leave me in the day. Due to my Empathic Pug nature, I have been lazy, not overly hungry and snuggling her in an effort to comfort. I do not like when my person is not able to preform her daily rituals. As a result I have no Adventures to speak of at this time. Please stay tuned for regularly scheduled sessions to continue soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Yours Truly
~ Duncan the Pug

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The Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ a sleepover

imageOn Saturday afternoon, my person spent some time with me, driving in the car, and going to my favourite walking place.  I rested at home for awhile and then she hurried around the house getting a bag packed.  Next was my bag, toys, dog bones, bag of treats and ziplock bags of food.  Yes, we were going on a trip. I began to jump around and excitedly carry my baby bear and toss him in the air in anticipation of what was to come.  My person did the ritual “pee before leaving”, and I knew what was next.  I followed her to the door.  She carried my bag and placed in beside the door where my leash hung.  Next, she grabbed her bag and carried it to the door as well.  The door was open, and she turned to look at me, I was so excited I was by the door in a flash. The next thing  I know, she snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor, I sat obediently, waiting for the leash to go on.  But, what happened next was confusing, she handed me a treat, which I ate clearly out of habit.  One does not pass up a treat opportunity, regardless of the situation.   But that door closed quickly behind her before I had a chance to argue such actions.  Some time passed and I heard the door open, I was immediately excited to know my person came back for me.  Who came from behind that door was a surprise, it was my “sissy”.  Not to be mistaken with a canine female from the same litter, my sissy is the daughter of my person, and she refers to me as ” a brother from another litter”.  I love her as much as I love my person and my little people who belong to her.  She showers me with love and attention whenever she sees me, and I eat it up.  I wagged my rear end like it was Christmas morning.  She put on my leash, grabbed my bag and we were out the door and in her car before my tail could stop wagging.  We drove and as soon as we turned the corner I immediately got excited, we were going to their place.  I love to run up and down the hallway with Noah, my favourite little man as Brianna, will slam her bedroom door in an effort to keep Noah and I away from her Monster High dolls and loose socks.  My partner in crime, and I kept busy running while my sissy made supper.  I begged at the table and the evening rituals began shortly thereafter.  Once my little man was tucked into bed, my sissy cuddled me and gave me the love I deserved.image  My brother in law is very OCD about taking me out in an effort to avoid the accidents he thinks I still have.  I love hanging out on the back of the couch while my sissy and her husband relax.  My sissy texts this picture to my person with the following statement,” Mom, I told you Duncan was a freak. Here is proof. He has a hair fetish. He needs to seek mental help”.  My sissy likes to tease my person and I  know when it is bedtime I get to sleep in the big bed between them, and my life is happiness even though I miss my person.  I am taken home the next morning after breakfast, and I don’t fight it, I am quite happy to have a rest.  I am tired from a day of running with my little partner in crime and I lay down and sleep.  Before long the door opens and in walks my person.  Oh I jump up with joy, I stretch out my front paws and lengthen out my back to wake from my nap, and wag my tail as my person drops everything to pat and love me and tell me how she missed me.  I love my person and am always glad when she return, particularly when she has been gone for an overnight stay.

imageOnce in the door, after my love and kisses have occured my person quickly finds something that occurred as I tried to look out the window.  Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for her to understand that object clearly needs to be moved in an effort to serve my purpose of keeping a close eye on the area around my home, and hers.  My person stands it up and moves on, hmm, perhaps later that will get done. image image She quickly grabs my leash and out the door we go, I pee and in the car.  We go for a country drive as a reward I am sure for my best behaviour during her away time and also to have the much needed time and attention which is required for both of us.

 My person and I are a team, there is a whole lot of giving going on, and our tanks are getting full of the love we need.

Pug Life is Grand

~Duncan the Pug

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The Adventures of Duncan the Pug~ my favourite walking place

imageToday my person awoke to take me out, I assumed it was a normal day when she would be busy getting ready to leave.  Instead, she came back in and laid back down with me.  She rubbed my belly, petted me, and I fell asleep with her arms around me.  We stayed in bed for a long time.  When we got up, we went out in the car, and after some time we went to that place with the outdoor speaker.  My person always hushes me there while she says something to that speaker.  I don’t understand why, she knows I am requesting my favourite snack.  She pulls ahead and I am out of control, my nose is going, my ears are perked and she is pushing me back onto my seat.  All I want is to climb to her window so I can show how cute I am, and get my round little yummy goodness they always give me.  Finally the person in the window passes some things to my person, my person says something and there it is, that yummy little round bit of goodness.  I eat it like I have never had one before.

imageWe drive again and I  cannot believe it, my person is turning into my favourite place.  I know what is coming next and I start to jump with excitement.  Again with my person pushing me onto my seat saying “wait”.  Boy it is hard to be so patient when all she does is dangle all of these things in front of me.  Does she not know I have no patience or tolerance for such nonsense of waiting.  I am a dog on a mission, mission dogs get things done now, not later.  I am going to have to find a way to make her understand such things.  But for now, I try to be good, since I know we are getting out of the car.  And there it is, my favourite place to walk.

image We come here quite often, it is quiet, not cars to speak of, and lots of things I enjoy.  We start on out way and my person always lets my leash have the slack I need to run around free as I can.  So my adventure begins of sniffing, and sniffing to see what I can discover today.image  Every tree is like a smorgasbord of fresh smells.  Not one tree is the same and my nose loves it.  My person lets me stop at almost every tree here, and I frequently cock my leg in an effort to squeeze out any drop of pee I may have regardless if I need to or not.  During our walk today I stop and get to say hi to an elderly couple.  Meeting people is fun and they always think I am cute, especially if I sit and do the head tilt, cute eye look at them.  Today the man said “look at his cute little curled up tail” .  The wife just “awed” and my cuteness mission was complete.  It’s times like that which make me feel so great.  And to think I am the cause of such happiness for others, especially my person who usually says nice things about me to strangers when they stop for a hello or a pat.  imageOn our way back out, we saw a groundhog and he was kind enough to pose for a photo.  When I saw him, I wanted to run and play, but my person locked my leash and said, “no, this is his home”.  We kept going and the groundhog did not even move once.



imageWe arrived home and I ate a bit and settled at my persons feet while she sat at the table.  Today is a great day.

~Duncan the Pug

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imageMy person stood for a very long time in the kitchen, moving around, mixing, making noise, running water, and my nose was going wild.  I found myself sitting at her feet and waiting for a long time for any chance that something may fall.  There was nothing that fell today but my person gave me a piece of something that I didn’t even have time to chew.  What I did know is I wanted more.  I was on high alert, ears perked, eyes wide open, and I sat very still waiting, waiting, waiting for something more.

Then it was time, my person was walking with something in her hand that smelled of the more I wanted.  I quickly ran onto the couch and jumped up and ran and tried my hardest to get the attention of her so she would know I wanted some more.  She shooed me out of the way, sat down and didn’t even look at me.  I couldn’t believe it, but it was going to take some real work to get her to see me and know I was waiting.

I sat for a while and placed my head on her lap, but that did not seem to work.  I tried to step on her lap but again with the shooing.  Hmmm, what was next?  I had it, I would wait and give her the best I had.

imageSo here it went, I started with the best, over my shoulder look.  It is a cute one, my person will smile, laugh and sometimes give me a treat so I thought for sure this was a winner.  I gave it my best head throw back like nobody’s business.  Looked kind of to the side and gave that best flirty little look ever.  I waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing.  Hmmm, this was going to be tougher than I thought.

imageNext thing I know, she was setting that best smelling thing down on the table.  That was the break I needed, her lap was free.  Yes, I was going to get it this time.   So here it went, I ever so slowly stepped on her ,in case I go the shoo again.  But nothing, so I stepped again, and then finished quickly so she could not see what was coming.  I laid my head down on her and looked at her with my best ” I love you ” eyes ever.

imageShe looked at me, and looked  away, I was shocked, it was a good look.  I leaned back and looked at her with my “what was that?” face.  Again she did not even touch me.

imageThis was gonna take something more,  but what?  I had it, I decided I would do something crazy, like she would never imagine would happen.  I left her lap, jumped off the  couch, ran under the kitchen table, ran back, jumped back onto the couch and jumped on her lap and gave her that one thing I always take from her and never ever ever give back.  Yup, it was my sock!  My wet, chewed up, sock that she gave up on chasing me for.  I was giving it to her in exchange for that yummy, stuff I did not even have the privilege to taste.  What happened next was amazing, she looked at me, and looked away.  She did not even try to take it or even make me get off.  Wow, this was a tough day.

imageSo finally I chose to do the only thing I had left, sneak.  Yup, it came down to pretending I was not interested, I laid my head down, stayed very still and slowly, very slowly in a timely manner, I crept my head closer, closer, closer and then my nose was there!  I was so excited, my mouth watered, my nose twitched with delight, and then the most crazy thing happened.  She picked it up and took it away.  I frantically searched the table for a remnant, a scrap, a drip, but sadly there was none.image

But fear none, you win some, you lose some.  I will be on the lookout like a pug who has never seen a treat before.

My mission in life is to eat, sleep, drink, get petted, play fetch when I want, and do anything I can, to show how cute I am, to get any of the above.

~Duncan the Pug

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Who says Monday’s are bad?

imageToday my person took me outside when we woke up this morning.  We came inside and she fed me right away, next thing I know she is in the bathroom and the blow dryer is going.  I take small bites of food and frantically run into the bathroom to watch her while I eat.  I am never really sure what is going to come next.  Will we go in the car?  Will we go for a walk?  Will we stay inside and I get to snuggle with her all day?

Today is the day she goes and leaves me for a while but I always get a treat just before she leaves.

image I spend the day lounging and upon my person’s return we go out to visit my favourite little person, Noah.  We are partners in crime, chasing each other, unrolling toilet paper and he likes to dump water and  I lick it off the floor while he laughs.  He is the best little buddy ever!




imageAfter we leave and go home my person plays my favourite game with me.  As I bring my baby to her and nudge it closer, she finally picks it up and throws it.  I run and bring it back and I repeat the nudging several times until finally she throws it many times and I am no longer interested.  I take a drink and lay on the floor.image

Who says Monday’s are bad?

~Duncan the Pug



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Daily Prompt….If I were a fly on a wall…



If I were a fly on a wall?  I would be napping on the back if this couch.  Cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else.


~Duncan the Pug


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