Welcome 2014


Happy New Year to all my followers out there. It has been awhile since I have posted, and I would like to say it is because my life has been too crazy but that would be untrue.  We always have time to write that post, make that call, do that workout, clean that room or whatever else it is that we procrastinate over.  Truth is, I have been lazy.  Well not me, my person has been lazy from posting.  We have had many changes in this past year, mostly good changes.

imageSo I will take it back to summer since it was somewhere there that we dropped off the posting wagon.  In the end of June my person and I attended a weekend of family reunion stuff for her father’s side of the family.  This was a hectic but fun time.  This is an event which only happens every 5 years, so it always is a big deal.

Following the family reunion, a couple weeks later brought the wedding of my person’s daughter.  This was a beautiful event.  It was very busy and I spent the weekend with my other person while she was busy.  It was wonderful time in my person and her daughter’s life.

Summer went on for a bit, with some relaxation, beach time, barbeques and family.  imageMy person started a new position at work at the end of summer, fall rolled in and by the beginning of October my mama and daddy moved into a place in the country.  This new place brought us a beautiful two story home on an acre of land, complete with fresh air and place to run.  Family time and time spent with my favourite little people have mad my past year the best ever.  They are the reason my person is happy, they and thier parents bring joy like nothing money can buy. image

We have been spending the last three months getting settled and spending our first country Christmas.  With this brought an ice storm which knocked out the power for many people in our province and others.  It will be a christmas to remember for many.  imageWe spent lots of family time with our loved ones and ate and drank in excess.  My mama says I am starting a diet in the New Year too.   I am not looking forward to that.

  Our past year was full of blessings and we look forward to many more in the upcoming year.  We Wish you all with a New Year full of blessing in your lives.

~Duncan the Pug



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