Rules, rules, rules

imageIt seemed like a typical Monday evening.  My person came home from being away all day.  Supper was prepared, I sat under her feet while she ate,  and then ate my food when it was clear she was giving me none.  She then went to sit on the couch and do her usual stuff there, watch tv, check out her favourite sites.  My job and main focus became jumping on her, rolling over for belly rubs, growling and nipping at fingers in play  and basically getting any attention I could muster up.

Once I got my fill, I then found some toys.  First I found my long duck, I jumped and played with that, then I found my bone.  Oh my delicious, chewed up bone.  My person had bought me a new basket to keep my toys in, and I have three old bones in there.  A round one, a long one which is rectangular shaped and a long cylinder one.  I go between all three bones.  I will chew on one and sometimes hide it before going to choose another.  Then I will walk around the room, sniffing all around in an attempt to find where I hid it.  I then follow up with the “digging up” of it.

imageThis game playing seems so simple, however my people have this rule about toys on the furniture.  Well, really only the couch that my lady person sits on.  They chase me off it, or take my toys/bones and place them on the floor as a prompt.  Sometimes, I sneak back on the couch, and lay at the end in attempt to not be seen.  This does not work with my people.  They see everything.

Rules, rules, rules, are interferring with my ability to have creativity.

As for now, I will deal with it, but show my disapproval by moving slowly or pretending to not understand what they wish of me.  Taking my time to get down off the couch or even waiting until, they tug at my collar to get me down.  Sometimes I give in and go to my bed, other times, the floor works out just fine.  I would never let them know that it works.  Heck, I’m a Pug who wants his way, its what I do.


Happy Monday Y’all

~Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ location, location, location

imageHi, its been too long since my last confession, Ha! In all seriousness though, it has been awhile since my last post.  My life has been well, honestly,  confusing.  I would like to say busy, but that would be my person’s life.  It seems like there has been a lot of coming and going for her for along time.  Of course when I say long, I am comparing it to the same principle as one year equaling 7 years to a dog, so really could have been a few weeks.  Regardless, there was really nothing to write about or the time it takes for my person to relay my message to the world.  So it finally made sense when the end of the month came and we jumped in the car, I was excited since my person said “we are going to see daddy!”  My tail wagged, I looked around the front seat frantically, tried to get on my persons lap, and yelped on our way through the place where I get the yummy little balls of goodness at the window.  We arrived a short time later, and my other favourite person was there too.  My bum wagged, I jumped up on his leg and made that little yappy yelping sound that peirces your eardrums.  I was here at this place once, I relectantly climbed the stairs, and then down them again.  I sniffed every inch of this new space, some new smells and some familiar.  I had a sense of fear not knowing what would follow.   Some time passed, my person fed me and we went out to have our “duty break”.  But once we stayed for a night, two, and then a third, I have come to find my groove here.  My bed is in a great spot, my people have brought me all my toys and I have found a new place to play.  imageWe have the best outdoors running space, its green and smells great, and there is so much to sniff.  It is a smorgasbord for dogs, thats exactly the best way to describe it.  I actually love the smells so much I do eat it, as often as I can.  Grass, leaves, twigs, mud, and rocks, yes I am afraid to admit it but I have eaten rocks

Its all about location, location, location

~Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ a playdate

20130808-215239.jpgOn this Sunday past, my person brought me once again in the car. I was so pumped, I love the car, but today we drove a little longer than going to my favourite little people’s house. As soon as we turned that corner by the playground, I thought it looked familliar, my tail wagged a little and I sat up really tall, even jumping up to look out the window. Sure enough, we turned into that driveway with the tall bushes and I knew. My tail was going a mile a minute, I was yapping with excitement and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. We were out in a minute, and I ran to see my long lost freind. Actually she is my cousin. My person has a sister, my aunt, and she has two dogs and two cats. Her two dogs are named Howie, he is the older one and does not like me very much. Auntie says he is set in his ways. He likes to hang with his master, my uncle Jamie. image Sadie or Sadie Girl as they like to call her is my aunt Tab’s dog. She is spoiled and about as old as I am. Howie is a Jacket River Retriever, my uncle likes to say, because that is where they got him. Sadie is cute little mini Dachshund, we run and play and have fun together.

imageWhen I am at their place, I get to run free off my lead. Of course there are times I don’t listen and my person puts me on the deck or on my lead again until I remember what to do.

imageTab and Jamie have two cats, a bigger one, who does not like me at all, and Louie a newer little kitty. He is cute, but hissed at me too and showed his claws. I think I am too excited for kitties. My aunt and uncle have two girls, Shelby and Megan. I see Megan more than Shelby, and Megan is the Dr. Doolittle of the family. She loves me, and all the pets, and actually keeps bringing more pets home with her. She was made for animal rescues. She calls me “Duncaroni” and I love it!

As for the kitties not liking me, well I am a dogs dog anyway. You know just one of the dogs. I like dog games, and doing dog things and honestly I don’t think the kitties can handle a dog like me. Also I am a people’s dog, I love attention from any and all, but especially the pople who love me.

We played all day, and eventually I came home with my person. I was pooped out, drank alot of water and fell asleep. I dont get to see Sadie all the time, but when I do I make the best out of our time together. She and Howie are my oldest Dog freinds. I have known them since my person first got me. I love them like they are from my own litter.

Playdates are fun!

~Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug – What’s got your tail twisted?




Someone told my person ” the tighter the curl the, happier the pug”. So, with that I can say my girl has got me as happy as a clam.
She starts by walking me in some really wonderful places. They make her as happy as I am. There is no rushing, and my person lets my leash loose so I can run here and there exploring and sniffing around. She even lets me stop to smell the flowers, and that’s no exaggeration.

Besides the walks, occasionally my person will take me for a short drive. There are times when we will go to see my favourite people.
My head will hang out the window and I will get excited and the thoughts of being close to those who make me happy. They shower me with love and are always glad to see me. My fav little bud will stand in the porch and say ” hiiii Duntan!” And my insides melt a little. I jump on him and luck his face, I can’t get close enough to show my love for him.


At the end of the day, my life is simple. I enjoy a peaceful walk which brings me joy. Love is all around me, not only from my person but many others who shower me with love and attention. And I like to enjoy a good treat like the next guy. Funny thing is, my person is happy when I am. And I am happy when she is. No wonder my tail is as tight as a cork screw.

So let me ask you; what’s got your tail tightened?

~ Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ afternoon naps rock!

Have I mentioned I love my person? Well if I have not, or if you need reminding, I Do! Especially on days when she does not leave me. Today is one of those days. Yesterday we went to visit “mon oncle” . If you do not know who that is, you can feel free to read one of my earlier blogs, ” Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ a weekend visit”.  We stayed over and this morning we drove home.  My person decided that she would like to have a nap.  And you guessed it, I went with her.  She takes me everywhere she can, and I especially love the sleeping time, its when I get the best snuggles.  imageSome disagree with my person saying they would never let their dogs sleep with them, but my person, she doesn’t care what others think.  She does what she wants, when she wants to. And really that attitude is a win for me.  She lifts me onto the bed, I circle around, and again a second time and then I am down.  Her arm goes around me, the blanket pulled up and within moments the snoring begins.  I am not sure who is snoring first.  I am not sure who loves napping with who more, me or her.

Did I say how much I loved my person?

Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug~ a Drive Thru story


So off we went in the car. My person always fastens me in the seatbelt to keep me and others safe in the car. “Safety First” she always says. Anyway, as I was saying, off we went and as always, we stop at that place where the speaker people live. All I know is their mission is to give out food. And seeing as my mission is to eat, couldn’t be better. We arrive at that place and my ears, eyes and nose are on high alert. I start yapping, and by that I mean that high pitched, ear piercing, got a leg caught in a trap kinda yap. She is annoyed as always but man, doesn’t she understand you can’t bring a Pug like me to a place like this and expect good behaviour. It’s like bring a recovery junkie to a crack house! So, we advance thru and I watch in desperation to see what is coming my way.

Things are passed out, we drive away and I wait. In fact I wait and wait and wait. I can say it felt like an eternity,so finally in an effort of recollecting I sit and then lay down. I have done this in the past and hoped it would work again.

20130803-145922.jpg. Lucky is what I am today. I am a pirate who clearly has got the bounty.


And that is my drive thru story. Nothing more is needed

~Duncan the Pug

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Adventures of Duncan the Pug ~ typical day for me

imageToday my person slept in, and since we are away from our normal daily place, our morning ritual is not the same.  We first got out of bed and she let me out, attached the leash which stays outside, and shut the door behind me.  What was this? She wasn’t coming out.  Well I looked at her, and she avoided my eyes.  So I scratched on the door for a quick moment, and looked again, no response. So, I scratched again, a little faster and longer, again nothing.  Finally she walked away, I scratched like it was nobody’s business.  It felt like my legs had run a marathon but she still did not return.  What the?  So here it went,I barked my head off, I even howled a few times.  I cannot remember how long that lasted cause I am sure I blacked out, but someone  came then, and it wasn’t my person.  They stayed outside with me, I peed quick and was back up the stairs.  I knew, even in my state of stubborness, that I needed to pee to get back in.  Up the stairs, in the house, down the hall, and in the bathroom.  imageShe was there drying her hair.  We know what  comes next, I had to eat, because I did not know where or what was coming next.  Then she was done, I had enough to eat that I could handle, and she was in my sight, they started to move about quickly.  It was on the cusp of changing, I could feel the energy, the eye contact was gone.  And then I heard the dreaded treat bag crumple, without any self control I was on my bum on the floor waiting as my nose twitched involuntarily.  The door opened, I gently took that treat, she turned around and was out the door before I  could chew and swallow.  I let out a bark or two, heard the car and that was that.  image TIme passed as it always does, and the door opened, I ran to where she left me, pushed past whoever was in my way and jumped up at my person’s legs.  She walked past me, again without the eye  contact and placed some items down.  It was a bit before she sat but when she did I was there with my stuffy.  I was not leaving her side and finally, I settled into my favourite spot.  imageWatching the traffic go by, and giving a warning bark when needed, the back on the couch is a great place to be. Occasionally, I fall asleep there behind my best friend, cozied up.  And if she gets up to go into any other place  in the house, I will find her.  imageShe used to get annoyed with my attempts to be close all the time, but lately, she just laughs and shakes her head. Another one of my purposes is to be near my person as often as possible.  I love laying beside her and having her pat my side or belly.  She feeds me, walks me, plays with me,loves me.  She fills every need I have.  And in return, I am hers, unconditionally until the end of time.



can a typical day get any better?

~Duncan the Pug

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